Corporate Overview

EXCLUSIVE MAGNESIUM has been established by first-line technocrats and professions (i.e., individuals of non-business/industrial family) on a very small scale to limit the venture capital risk. The Company has experienced successful results from the first year of its inception and has steadily shown an overall growth of over 30% each year since then in terms of reinvestment of profits, infrastructure, clientele, man power employment, turnover and profits. Today Exclusive Magnesium is recognized as the best private sector quality magnesium casting producer in India and serve many prestigious Government of India undertakings.

EXCLUSIVE MAGNESIUM which started it’s activity by re-melting Magnesium scrap and casting into ingots from today manufacture custom designed Magnesium casting is by sand, permanent mold, centrifugal and pressure dye casting process, Aluminum & Brass, Bronze & other Copper Base Alloy Castings and components for particular use in the Ground or Flight systems as well as General or Engineering application as per customer’s requirement and specification by sand casting, gravity die casting and centrifugal casting techniques with basic facilities of molding, melting, fettling & Proof machining etc. But, with the help of it’s support chain Industries,EXCLUSIVE MAGNESIUM also supply Magnesium Alloy Forgings, Extrusions, Rolled Sheets & Plates as well as CNC finished ready to fit components too.



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